Official statistics overview: Crime outcomes in England and Wales, year to December 2019: data tables

Outcomes assigned to offences recorded to December 2019 and the total number of outcomes recorded, by outcome type and offence type.



These data tables present statistics for police recorded crime outcomes in England and Wales.

For the year to December 2019 these data tables show:

  • what outcomes police forces assigned to offences recorded in the year, including the proportion not yet assigned an outcome
  • all crime outcomes that were assigned by police forces during the year, some of which relate to crimes recorded in previous years
  • crimes recorded in the year that were later transferred to another police force or ‘cancelled’, and why

For further information and commentary on crime outcomes statistics please see ‘Crime outcomes in England and Wales statistics’.

Detailed police recorded crime and outcomes data and longer term datasets are available in the police recorded crime and outcomes open data tables.

Published 23 April 2020