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  1. Research Outputs: Estimating internal migration in England and Wales year ending June 2016

  2. Quarterly revenue outturn for authorities in England – Live Table: October to December 2017

  3. Driver and rider testing and instructor statistics: October to December 2017

  4. Quarterly Epidemiological Commentary: Mandatory MRSA, MSSA and Gram-negative bacteraemia and Clostridium difficile infection, data up to October to December 2017

  5. ESA: outcomes of Work Capability Assessments including mandatory reconsiderations and appeals: March 2018

  6. Ambulance Quality Indicators: Clinical Outcomes (October 2017 data)

  7. Electricity consumption & renewable generation in Northern Ireland - year ending December 2017

  8. Research Outputs:Coverage-adjusted administrative data population estimates for England and Wales, 2011

  9. Tribunals and gender recognition certificate statistics: October to December 2017

  10. Ambulance Quality Indicators: Systems Indicators (January 2018 data)

  11. Renewables obligation: certificates and generation, November 2017

  12. Early Intervention in Psychosis Access and Waiting Time Experimental Statistics for January 2018

  13. UK regional trade in goods statistics: fourth quarter 2017

  14. Justice Data Lab statistics: March 2018

  15. Winter Situation Report, week ending 4 March 2018

  16. Knife possession sentencing quarterly: October to December 2017

  17. Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000, quarterly update to December 2017

  18. National norovirus and rotavirus weekly report: data up to 4 March 2018

  19. Research Outputs: Producing statistics on labour market status using administrative data

  20. Statistics on Women's Smoking Status at Time of Delivery: England Quarter 3, October 2017 to December 2017

  21. Vehicle licensing statistics: January 2018

  22. Delayed transfers of care for January 2018

  23. Passenger rail usage, October to December 2017: passenger, journeys and revenue

  24. Referral to treatment waiting times statistics for consultant-led elective care for January 2018

  25. NHS 111 Minimum Data Set (February 2018 data)

  26. Carers Statistics for Northern Ireland (quarter ending 31 December 2017)

  27. Diagnostics waiting times and activity for January 2018 and Diagnostics census, Q3 2017/182

  28. Waiting times for suspected and diagnosed cancer patients for January 2018

  29. Vocational and other qualifications quarterly: October to December 2017

  30. Weekly national flu report: week ending 4 March 2018

  31. Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance: week ending 4 March 2018

  32. Security Situation Statistics for Northern Ireland, period ending 28 February 2018

  33. UK index of production: January 2018

  34. UK trade: Jan 2018

  35. Construction output in Great Britain: Jan 2018 and new orders Oct to Dec 2017

  36. UK overseas trade in goods statistics: January 2018

  37. Mid-Year Population Estimates, settlements and localities - Mid-2016

  38. Consumer Price Inflation Basket of Goods and Services: 2018

  39. Quarterly bus statistics: October to December 2017

  40. Insolvency Service Enforcement Outcomes monthly data tables 2017/18