Statistical data set

Accessibility (NTS08)

National travel survey accessibility tables, produced by Department for Transport.

Table NTS0801

Time taken to walk to nearest bus stop by area type and bus availability indicator: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 59KB)

Table NTS0802

Ratings of frequency and reliability of local buses and trains, England: since 2002 (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 114KB)

Table NTS0803

Shortest journey time to local facilities on foot or by public transport: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 61KB)

Table NTS0804

Workplace and working at home, England: since 2002 (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 100KB)

Table NTS0805

Workplace by employment status and gender: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 60.5KB)

Table NTS0806

Deliveries of goods and services, England: since 2002 (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 112KB)

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National travel survey statistics