Statistical data set

Family food datasets

Detailed annual statistics on family food and drink purchases.

These family food datasets contain more detailed information than the ‘Family Food’ report and mainly provide statistics from 2001 onwards. The UK household purchases and the UK household expenditure spreadsheets include statistics from 1974 onwards. These spreadsheets are updated annually when a new edition of the ‘Family Food’ report is published.

The ‘purchases’ spreadsheets give the average quantity of food and drink purchased per person per week for each food and drink category. The ‘nutrient intake’ spreadsheets give the average nutrient intake (eg energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, minerals and vitamins) from food and drink per person per day. The ‘expenditure’ spreadsheets give the average amount spent in pence per person per week on each type of food and drink. Several different breakdowns are provided in addition to the UK averages including figures by region, income, household composition and characteristics of the household reference person.


countries and regions (CR)

rural and urban (RU)

gross income quintile group (GIQ)

equivalised income decile group (EID)

household composition (HC)

age of household reference person (AGE)

age the household reference person ceased full-time education (AED)

ethnic origin group of the household reference person (EO)

occupation of the household reference person (OCC)

economic status of the household reference person (ECON)

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