Statistical data set

Agriculture in the United Kingdom data sets

Data sets to accompany the Agriculture in the United Kingdom publication.

These data sets accompany the tables and charts in each chapter of the Agriculture in the United Kingdom publication. There is no data set associated with chapter 1 of the publication which provides an overview of key events and is narrative only.

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Published 9 July 2012
Last updated 1 July 2020 + show all updates
  1. Edited the landing page, removed references to specific year.

  2. Replaced all datasets; tables now include data to 2019.

  3. Updated the Chapter 2 dataset, "the structure of the industry", corrected error, 2018 land area for sugar beet in table 2.2.

  4. Updated Chapter 2, 7 and 11 following revised crop area estimates.

  5. Updated chapter 14 dataset.

  6. Updated datasets for 2018.

  7. Updated with 2017 figures.

  8. Updated table 14.3 in chapter 14 due to minor error.

  9. Updated with amended Table 7.10 in chapter 7 - crops dataset.

  10. Chapter 3 dataset revised to correct error in table 3.2, agriculture share of GVA percentage.

  11. Updated chapter 8 and 13 datasets to correct minor errors.

  12. Updated with 2016 AUK data sets.

  13. Updated with revised datasets, Ch2, Ch3 and Ch11.

  14. Updated all datasets with 2015 data and included organics dataset.

  15. The reason for the update is: Chapter 4 dataset updated due to correction to item 10, other agricultural activities, in both real and current account tables.

  16. Published amended Chapter 8 Livestock dataset.

  17. Datasets for Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2014 published.

  18. Updated Chapter 2 Structure and Chapter 8 Livestock pig populations for 2013 only,

  19. Updated table 4.1 to correct errors in lines 30 to 34.

  20. Updated to include 2013 figures.

  21. Updated Table 8.6 Hen eggs following a methodological review. For further information contact Leigh Riley, e-mail

  22. Minor updates to tables.

  23. Updated following publication of Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2012 to include figures to 2012.

  24. Correct file now attached for chapter 5 (crops).

  25. First published.