Statistical data set

Agri-environment indicators

A series of indicators monitoring agricultural and environmental change in England.

These indicators monitor agricultural and environmental change in England and are updated as new information becomes available. The date of the last update for each indicator is shown in brackets after the indicator’s title.

The indicators are based on proposals from an Environmental Monitoring Baseline Project undertaken in 2006. Each indicator comprises a summary of the basic information and data, along with supporting information on the background and relevance to the framework and statistical and technical details on methodology and data sources. The indicators are divided into four groups. For each group there is an associated spreadsheet that provides the data underlying the charts.

A) Mechanisms

This includes indicators of mechanisms through which the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform provisions, and other drivers such as market conditions, determine the economic environment in which farm businesses operate.

B) Processes: Farm Business

Changes in income and costs affects the viability of the farm business, and hence decisions about changing farm structures and management practices. These indicators allow the monitoring of changes in the structure of the agricultural industry as it responds to policy and market signals.

C) Processes: Farm Management

These indicators reflect the everyday decisions involved in managing crops and livestock, which may also have implications for the environment. These might be changes in type of crops grown, the level of inputs, or stocking rate and grazing pattern for livestock.

D) Environmental Impacts

Changes in farm practices are likely to affect a range of environmental variables, including water (DA), soil (DB), air quality (DC), biodiversity (DE) and landscape (DF). These indicators provide information on key environmental variables of policy and public interest.

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Published 3 April 2013
Last updated 10 July 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated Processes: Farm business B chart data.
  2. Updated Indicator A3, Uptake of agri-environment schemes and data A charts and data.
  3. Updated B6 Farm income and B chart data; C2 Agricultural land use and C chart data; DE5 Trends in populations of farmland birds and D chart data.
  4. Updated DD1 Methame emissions from agriculture, DD2 Nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture, D chart data.
  5. B7: Indebtedness, B8: Diversification & B10: Contracting Costs and B Chart data were updated in November 2015.
  6. C3: Pesticide use and C Chart data were updated in October 2015.
  7. DF2 New woodland planting and D Chart data were updated in October 2015.
  8. A1: Single Payment Scheme (SPS) uptake and A Chart data were updated in September 2015.
  9. B1: Farm size, B2: Farm type, B11: Crop and milk yields, B12: Livestock numbers, C1: Area of organic farms, DC1: Ammonia emissions from agriculture, DD3: Energy derived from agricultural biomass and B, C & D Chart data were updated in September 2015.
  10. B9: Labour profiles and B Chart data were updated in September 2015.
  11. Updated indicator C4.
  12. Indicator DA5: Water abstraction for agriculture and D Chart data updated.
  13. A2: Direct payments made to farmers, A3: Farms in agri-environment schemes and A Chart data updated.
  14. A5: Product prices was corrected and updated on 10 March 2015.
  15. A4 Input costs (March 2015); A5 Product prices (March 2015); and A Chart data (March 2015) updated.
  16. DD1 Methane emissions from agriculture, DD2 Nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture and D Chart data updated.
  17. B8 Diversification; B10 Contracting costs; and B Chart data updated.
  18. DE3 Trends in populations of pipistrelles and D Chart data updated.
  19. Updated B7 Indebtedness and B Chart data.
  20. Agri-environment indicators were updated in December 2014.
  21. Updated to new DE6 trends in population of farmland butterflies and d chart dataset.
  22. B6: Farm income, C2: Agricultural land use, DE5: Trends in populations of farmland birds, DE8: SSSI condition and B, C and D Chart data were updated in November 2014.
  23. B1 farm size and B chart data updated
  24. Updated indicator B12 Livestock numbers
  25. Updated indictors B2, B9, DF2 plus datasets B and D
  26. Update agri environment indicator.
  27. Updated indicators A1 and C2.
  28. Updated indicators A2, A3, B5, B11 and C1 and the associated data sets.
  29. Updates to indicators A4, A5, B12, C4 and DC1.
  30. Updated indicator B11.
  31. Updated indicator c3 and dataset.
  32. Updated indicator B7.
  33. Updated indicators A4 and A5.
  34. Updated indicators B6, DD1 and DD2.
  35. Updated indicator B8.
  36. Updated indicators B10 and DA5.
  37. Amendment to indicator B6.
  38. Updated indicators A1, DE5 and DE6.
  39. Updated indicators B6 and DE8.
  40. Updated indicators DE4 and DF2.
  41. Updated indicator B7.
  42. Updated indicators B1, B2, B9, B12 and C2.
  43. B5 document replaced with correct version.
  44. Updated indicators A3, A4, A5 and C2.
  45. Indicator C1 updated.
  46. Updated indicators A2, B7 and DD3.
  47. Updated to new DF2: New woodland planting and d chart dataset.
  48. Updated inidcators A4 Input costs, A5 Product prices and A Chart dataset.
  49. Indicators B11 and DE3 updated.
  50. Indicator DC1 updated.
  51. Updated information for indicator C4 fertiliser use.
  52. First published.