Opening up new links between the UK and Chile in a global world

Speech by Ambassador Fiona Clouder at launch of the alliance between British Airways and Banco de Chile.

Ambassador Fiona Clouder

I am delighted to be here to celebrate this important Alliance of British Airways and Banco de Chile.

The new British Airways flight opens up new possibilities of links between UK and Chile in a global world. The flight is already proving very popular -so popular that I could not get on it the other day to go to London, so I am hoping you will put on even more flights!

A direct flight opens up real potential for more tourism, more trade, more investment, in both directions. Good for the UK. Good for Chile.

Many people ask me about Brexit and what is happening. My answer is this is a great opportunity for links with Chile.

In a statement to Parliament yesterday, the Prime Minister said:

I want us to build a new relationship with the EU that will give our companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate in the European market – and allow European businesses to do the same with the UK.

The Prime Minister highlighted the unique global relationships we have forged with the diverse and vibrant alliance of the Commonwealth, which we celebrated on Commonwealth Day this week.

The Prime Minister also said:

At the same time we will also seize the opportunity to forge our own new trade deals and to reach out beyond the borders of Europe to build relationships with old friends.

And we look forward to deepening and enhancing our long standing relationship with Chile in trade and other areas.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of free trade. A topic on which Chile is today showing global leadership in convening a Summit of the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur countries to discuss future trade in a changing world. The UK is also an observer of the Pacific Alliance and shares those values with Chile of the importance of free trade and globalisation.

So this new British Airways flight comes at a significant moment in a changing world. A world in which global links and ease of travel to do business are ever more important. We wish British Airways every success and celebrate today the relationship with Banco de Chile.

Published 16 March 2017