Opening new doors for business with Chile through Cass MBA Programme

Welcome speech by Ambassador Fiona Clouder at the reception of Cass International MBA Programme at the Residence in Santiago.

HMA Fiona Clouder

Welcome to everyone. Last week Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England unveiled the new £10 note in the UK, featuring Jane Austen, a British writer who died 200 years ago, but whose words are relevant today: “ My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a good deal of conversation.”. Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of the local business community, Cass faculty members and Cass MBA students this is what we have today – good company of clever, well-informed people, who, I am sure, have a great deal of conversation amongst them.

In July 2015 and 2016, a group of Cass Executive MBAs enjoyed a very successful International Consulting Week in Santiago, working in situ with Chilean and Latin American organisations. The experience was so good for all concerned that Cass MBA management have returned again to Chile and I am pleased to say that this is also the third time we have the honour to host Cass Business School students and faculty and their Chilean hosts here at the Residence. And an even stronger delegation on a weeklong visit to work, and exchange ideas, with Chilean businesses.

Academic opportunities such as the Cass International MBA Programme play an important part in the Chile-UK bilateral academic engagement. The start-up mentality that both Chile and the UK share is something that we are keen to cultivate and support. It is an opportunity for both our countries to share best practice, to create links, and to open the door for business developments in new areas. For example innovation, business ethics, sustainability, financial services, innovative industries and public/private partnerships which could provide our countries with the capacities and tools to compete in an ever changing world.

International experience for business people is crucial to build strong foundations for those who one day might become directors and managers of multinational companies. That is why courses like the Cass MBA, are so vital to the prosperity of our economies, to the international business community and to the peaceful relations between nations. International experiences create more ethical, more informed and more open-minded business leaders and bring together people from different professions and places around the world.

We look forward to the continuing relationship with Cass and the British Embassy, but most importantly to the further generation of business links between UK and Chile.

Thank you and enjoy the evening.

Published 26 July 2017