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  1. Noise induced hearing loss and work with nailing and stapling guns: IIAC information note

  2. Neurodegenerative diseases in professional sportspersons: IIAC information note

  3. Osteoarthritis of the knee and work in the construction industry: IIAC information note

  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist/forearm rotation: IIAC information note

  5. Extrinsic allergic alveolitis: isocyanates and other occupational causes: IIAC report

  6. Diffuse pleural thickening: IIAC report

  7. Cancers due to ionising radiation: IIAC report

  8. Lung cancer and diesel exhaust emissions in miners: IIAC information note

  9. Lung and bladder cancer and diesel exhaust emissions: IIAC information note

  10. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in woodworkers: IIAC information note

  11. Epicondylitis and occupational activity: IIAC position paper 35

  12. Bladder cancer and mineral oils: IIAC information note

  13. Asthma in cleaners: IIAC information note

  14. Diseases with multiple known causes and rebuttal in the industrial injuries scheme: IIAC position paper 34

  15. Presumption that a disease is due to the nature of employment: the role of rebuttal in claims assessment: IIAC report

  16. Cancers of the larynx or ovary and work with asbestos: IIAC information note

  17. Noise induced hearing loss in certain occupations: IIAC information note

  18. Ocular melanoma and occupation: IIAC position paper 33

  19. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema: effects of treatment and the medical assessment: IIAC report

  20. Industrial diseases: presumption that a disease is due to the nature of employment: IIAC report

  21. Dupuytren’s contracture due to hand-transmitted vibration: IIAC report

  22. Hepatitis E infection and occupation: IIAC information note

  23. Terminal cancers and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit: IIAC report

  24. Work as a dry cleaner and cancers of the oesophagus and cervix: IIAC position paper 32

  25. Bladder cancer in hairdressers, barbers and textile workers: IIAC position paper 31

  26. Lung cancer and dioxins: IIAC information note

  27. Lung cancer and welding: IIAC information note

  28. Occupational chloracne: IIAC report

  29. Shift working and breast cancer: IIAC position paper 30

  30. Bladder cancer and pre-bake aluminium smelters: IIAC information note

  31. Lung cancer in haematite workers: IIAC information note

  32. Lung cancer in coke oven workers: IIAC report

  33. Osteoarthritis of the knee in tin miners: IIAC information note

  34. Lung cancer and foundry workers: IIAC position paper 29

  35. Exposure to lead: effects on fertility and cancer: IIAC position paper 28

  36. Osteoarthritis of the knee in carpet fitters and carpet and floor layers: IIAC report

  37. Cancer risk in painters: IIAC information note

  38. Lobar pneumonia in welders: IIAC information note

  39. Occupational cancer risks in commercial painters

  40. Occupational health risks in firefighters