IIAC meets quarterly and publishes the minutes of its meetings on GOV.UK. You can also read more about its members here.

Our members

Dr Lesley Rushton OBE, Chair

Emeritus Reader in Occupational Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Imperial College London

Appointed 1 April 2018

Professor Raymond Agius

Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Director of the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Manchester Medical School

Appointed 1 May 2019

Professor Kim Burton

Occupational Health Research Consultant

Appointed 1 November 2018

Professor John Cherrie

Professor of Human Health, Heriot Watt University and Principle Scientist, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Appointed 1 November 2018

Keith Corkan

Partner, Woodfines Solicitors

Appointed 1 May 2016

Lesley Francois

Solicitor, Slater & Gordon LLP

Appointed 1 September 2019

Dr Valentina Gallo

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Bart’s and the London School of Medicine University of London

Appointed 1 November 2018

Dr Max Henderson

Associate Professor, University of Leeds and Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, St James’ University Hospital, Leeds

Appointed 1 November 2018

Dr Jennifer Hoyle

Consultant Respiratory Physician and Occupational Lung Disease Lead, Pennine Acute NHS Trust

Appointed 1 September 2019

Dr Sayeed Khan

Chief Medical Adviser, Make UK, The Manufacturers’ Organisation

Appointed 1 May 2016

Dr Ian Lawson

Retired Occupational Health Physician and formerly, Chief medical Officer, Rolls-Royce plc

Appointed 1 November 2018

Karen Mitchell

Legal officer and Solicitor, Rail, Maritime and Transport Union

Appointed 1 December 2017

Professor Neil Pearce

Epidemiology and Biostatistics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Appointed 1 October 2017

Douglas Russell

Health and Safety Officer, Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers

Appointed 1 December 2017

Daniel Shears

National Health, Safety and Environmental Director, GMB Union

Appointed 1 September 2019

Dr Chris Stenton

Locum Consultant Physician, Royal Victoria Infirmary

Appointed 1 November 2018

Dr Karen Walker-Bone

Reader and Honorary Consultant, Occupational Rheumatology, Medical Research Council, Southampton University

Appointed 1 May 2016

Dr Andrew White

Head of Safety and Occupational Health, University of Southampton

Appointed 1 December 2017

Register of interests

Read the Register of members’ interests.

Recruitment of members

The Commissioner for Public Appointments regulates all appointments to IIAC. The appointments are made in accordance with the Governance Code for Public Appointments published by the government.

Vacancies are published on the Public Appointments website as a minimum.

Our meetings and minutes

IIAC meetings

April 2020: Meeting cancelled due to coronavirus (Covid-19)
January 2020: IIAC minutes (PDF, 305KB, 6 pages)
October 2019: IIAC minutes (PDF, 146KB, 6 pages)
July 2019: IIAC minutes (PDF, 118KB, 5 pages)
April 2019: IIAC minutes (PDF, 137KB, 6 pages)
January 2019: IIAC minutes (PDF, 125KB, 6 pages)
October 2018: IIAC minutes (PDF, 110KB, 5 pages)
June 2018: IIAC minutes (PDF, 124KB, 6 pages)
March 2018: IIAC minutes (PDF, 110KB, 5 pages)
January 2018: IIAC minutes (PDF, 101KB, 5 pages)
October 2017: IIAC minutes (PDF, 118KB, 5 pages)
July 2017: IIAC minutes (PDF, 92.8KB, 3 pages)
April 2017: IIAC minutes (PDF, 116KB, 5 pages)
January 2017: IIAC minutes (PDF, 103KB, 5 pages)
October 2016: IIAC minutes (PDF, 126KB, 7 pages)
July 2016: IIAC minutes (PDF, 149KB, 6 pages)
April 2016: IIAC minutes (PDF, 157KB, 10 pages)
January 2016: IIAC minutes (PDF, 176KB, 12 pages)

IIAC Research Working Group (RWG) meetings

May 2020: RWG minutes (PDF, 124KB, 4 pages)
March 2020: RWG minutes (PDF, 156KB, 6 pages)
November 2019: RWG minutes (PDF, 128KB, 5 pages)
September 2019: RWG minutes (PDF, 136KB, 6 pages)
May 2019: RWG minutes (PDF, 109KB, 5 pages)
February 2019: RWG minutes (PDF, 134KB, 6 pages)
November 2018: RWG minutes (PDF, 112KB, 5 pages)
September 2018: RWG minutes (PDF, 107KB, 4 pages)
May 2018: RWG minutes (PDF, 108KB, 4 pages)
February 2018: RWG minutes (PDF, 128KB, 5 pages)
November 2017: RWG minutes (PDF, 93KB, 5 pages)
September 2017: RWG minutes (PDF, 112KB, 5 pages)
May 2017: RWG minutes (PDF, 107KB, 4 pages)
March 2017: RWG minutes (PDF, 110KB, 5 pages)
November 2016: RWG minutes (PDF, 103KB, 4 pages)
September 2016: RWG minutes (PDF, 101KB, 3 pages)
May 2016: RWG minutes (PDF, 125KB, 6 pages)
March 2016: RWG minutes (PDF, 139KB, 8 pages)

Archived minutes

Read earlier meeting minutes on The National Archives website.

IIAC public meetings

IIAC also hold annual public meetings. Read the IIAC public meeting minutes.

Our secretariat

The council doesn’t have any staff of its own but DWP provides a small secretariat team.

  • Head of Secretariat: Stuart Whitney
  • Scientific Advisor: Ian Chetland
  • Administrative Secretary: Catherine Hegarty