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Research and analysis

What impact does the wider economic situation have on teachers' career decisions? A literature review

Affects of the wider economic situation on teachers' career decisions, and their decisions to remain in or leave teaching during recession.



Like most other public sector jobs, teaching is often identified as ‘recession-proof’ because the demand for teachers does not generally change in response to the wider economic factors.

The affect of the wider economic situation on teachers’ career decisions is an important issue for workforce planning, but is an area about which there has been only limited research. In fact there is very little research literature focusing on the extent to which the economic cycle affects the supply of workers to any specific occupation.

The report also presents a review of the demographic composition of the teaching profession in England, and the pattern of teacher movements in recent years: entry to teaching, movement out of the profession and return to teaching, and retirement. These patterns have important implications for how the workforce might respond to recession.