Use community interventions

How to use the community interventions available to youth offending teams and managers.



This guidance offers detailed information for youth offending teams on:

  • sentences available
  • case management
  • levels of intevention
  • managing diversity and tackling potential barriers to engagement
  • out-of-area cases
  • working with other agencies
  • work to address risk of reoffending
  • risk of harm to self and others
  • encouraging compliance and early revocation
  • working with denial
  • enforcement and breach
  • desistance

It offers detailed information for managers on:

  • national standards
  • oversight of delivery
  • intervention programmes
  • out-of-area cases
  • suspensions of National Standards including holidays
  • responses to particular offence types
  • managing groups
  • work with victims
  • restorative processes
  • ensuring risk of re-offending is addressed
  • managing risk of harm and safeguarding

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Published 15 October 2014