FOI release

UKAEA FOI disclosure log - July - Dec 2014

Summary of Freedom of Information (FOI) releases for requests received by the UKAEA from July to December 2014



Date Received Reference Request Summary Response Summary
01-07-2014 FOIR 18/2014 UKAEA SIRO The SIRO is Catherine Pridham
02-07-2014 FOIR 19/2014 External/3rd party hosting contracts Summary of 5 x Software as a Service contracts provided
15-07-2014 FOIR 20/2014 Security breaches reported There has been 1 reportable breach of security in the past year.
22-07-2014 FOIR 21/2014 Website stats Stats provided
07-08-2014 FOIR 22/2014 Nuclear Transfer Schemes under the Energy Act 2004 Section relating to IT for Dounreay Site Restoration, Research Sites Restoration and UKAEA Ltd provided.
20-08-2014 FOIR 23/2014 FOI requests Details provided
26-08-2014 FOIR 24/2014 Issue of contracts Number of contracts put out to tender provided - 60 contracts during 2010 and 72 contracts in 2013
28-08-2014 FOIR 25/2014 IT equipment and contracts Contact & link to transparency data provided, but part of scope too large
28-08-2014 FOIR 26/2014 Software audits There were 3 requests for audits since April 2013.
30-08-2014 FOIR 27/2014 Computer viruses There were 288 cases
09-09-2014 FOIR 28/2014 CBI fees Membership fees provided
15-09-2014 FOIR 29/2014 TV licenses 1 TV licence held
17-10-2014 FOIR 30/2014 Senior staff remuneration There are 8 staff with total remuneration over £100k in 2013-14  

Selected requests are detailed above