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Research and analysis

UK resilience programme evaluation: final report

This report presents findings from an evaluation of the UK resilience programme to improve children's psychological wellbeing.


UK resilience programme evaluation: final report

UK resilience programme evaluation: final report - brief


The UK resilience programme (UKRP) aims to improve children’s psychological well-being by building resilience and promoting accurate thinking. Three local authorities launched it in the 2007 to 2008 academic year with workshops delivered to year 7 pupils in secondary schools.

This evaluation investigates whether the programme (previously trialled in small samples) can be delivered at scale and whether it affects children’s wellbeing, behaviour, attendance and academic attainment.

Information on pupils’ well-being was collected through questionnaires administered to pupils who had participated in the first year of UKRP workshops and to a control group. Pupils were surveyed before and after the programme.