UK NCP initial assessment: complaint by a UK NGO against a company in the security sector

Initial assessment from the UK National Contact Point (NCP) on a complaint by a UK non-governmental organisation (NGO) against a company in the security sector.



This publication reports the assessment of a complaint by a UK civil society body against a UK company in the security sector. The complaint alleged that actions of a US subsidiary of the company did not meet voluntary standards on human rights included in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. These guidelines have an associated complaints process in which the first stage is for the National Contact Point (NCP) to decide whether to take a complaint further.

The UK NCP has rejected this complaint at this first stage. It considers that UK handling is not appropriate and recommends that the complaint is submitted to the US National Contact Point. The parties are not named, in line with the UK NCP’s standard approach where a complaint is not taken forward.

Published 12 January 2015