Tubbs Bottom weir fish passage improvement works

Proposed flood defence improvements on the Bristol Frome will not need an environmental statement.



The Environment Agency gives notice that it proposes to carry out improvement works to the flood defences on the Bristol Frome in Iron Acton at Tubbs Bottom weir (NGR ST6782182878), a distance of 20 metres.

The proposed improvement works will involve the following:

  • installation of low cost baffles on the face of the weir and 2 small pre-barrages immediately downstream of the weir at Tubbs Bottom, to improve upstream passage for fish
  • the installation of a small number of eel tiles mounted vertically between the pre-barrage and weir wing wall to aid upstream eel migration

This is in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (Land Drainage Improvement Works) Regulations 1999 as amended by SI 2005/1399 and SI 2006/618.

Published 1 November 2016