Research and analysis

The stability of the early years workforce in England

Report looking at the national, regional and organisational barriers to stability in the early years workforce.

Applies to England




The report finds that:

  • the average wage across the early years workforce is £7.42 an hour - this compares to £11.37 for the female workforce and £12.57 for the total population
  • 13% of the workforce earn less than £5.00 an hour
  • 11% of full time early years staff work more than 42 hours per week, compared with 3% of retail workers and 6% of the female workforce
  • one in 6 workers (15%) leave their jobs within a year
  • the workforce is mainly young and female - 40% are below aged 30 and 96% are female
  • 31% of early years workers in the north of England stay with their current employer for less than 2 years, compared to 37% in the Midlands and 40% in the south of England
  • employers say they lack funding to provide training for their workforce - a 2019 survey found only 8% of early years providers planned to spend more money on training whilst 55% planned to spend less

The Social Mobility Commission calls on government and employers to reform pay and career structures.

Published 5 August 2020