Corporate report

The Ombudsman’s Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17

Our 2016-17 annual report details our performance, including financial reports and statistical information about the complaints we receive.


The Ombudsman's Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17


This year (2017) marks our 50th anniversary. It is therefore an appropriate time to recall with thanks all those former Ombudsmen who have contributed to the expansion and development of an accessible ombudsman service.

The events described in the Annual Report pre-dated my arrival as Ombudsman on 6 April 2017. They highlight an organisation in transition - serious and determined to retain its independence and impartiality while developing a more effective, accountable and service-led culture. The creation of our Service Charter is central to this and an important landmark in the past year. It shows clearly how we must work and how we will measure our performance to make sure we meet the needs of people who come to us.

Published 18 July 2017