Research and analysis

The impact of short breaks on families with a disabled child: report 1 of the quantitative phase

This document reports on a cross-sectional sample of families with a disabled child using short breaks in England.



The existing research literature provides some evidence of a range of benefits of short breaks as well as a number of problems related to accessing and using them. However the strength of this evidence is variable and studies have not been able to conclusively demonstrate causal links between, for example short breaks and well-being.

This document describes: the characteristics of children and families using short breaks; the nature and quantity of the short breaks they are using; their experiences of and satisfaction with short breaks; and which factors are associated with a range of outcomes for family carers, disabled children and their siblings.

The report uses both quantitative data derived from standardised questions and qualitative data from family members’ written responses to open-ended questions in the survey instruments.

Published 10 October 2010