Prepare your heavy goods vehicle (HGV) for the brake test

How to prepare your heavy goods vehicle (HGV) for the brake testing part of the annual test (MOT).



This guide tells you how to get a satisfactory outcome to the brake testing element of the MOT by preparing your heavy vehicle properly.

Published 13 April 2016
  1. Step 1 Check when your test is due and get reminders

  2. Step 2 Book the test

    1. Find your nearest test centre and book your test

    The cost will vary depending on where you take the test.

    1. Check the fees for heavy goods vehicles or trailers
    2. Check the fees for public service vehicles

    Fill in an application form before you book your test if it's the first time it's been tested and it's either:

  3. Step 3 Prepare your vehicle

  4. and Prepare the documents you need

  5. Step 4 Take your vehicle to the test

    1. Find out what happens at the test centre

    At the end of the test, you'll be told if your vehicle has passed or failed.