Research and analysis

The Back on Track alternative provision pilots: final report

The findings from research into pilots for the Back on Track strategy to modernise and transform alternative provision for young people.



As part of the Back on Track agenda, £26.5 million was allocated to fund 12 innovative pilot projects to develop best practice and encourage greater diversity in alternative provision. The pilot programme commenced in April 2009 and funding ceased in April 2011.

This report sets out the findings from research into the Back on Track alternative provision pilots. These projects stemmed from a commitment in the 2008 white paper ‘Back on Track: a strategy for modernising alternative provision for young people’ to transform the quality of alternative education for those who are excluded from, or who for some other reason are unable to attend school.

The overarching aim of this research was to develop insights from the 12 specifically funded projects as part of the pilot programme to investigate what can work in alternative provision, how and for whom, in order to advance understandings and inform future policy and practice.

Published 25 October 2012