Bringing goods in from outside the EU for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Find out how those involved in Glasgow 2014 can bring goods or equipment into the UK for the Commonwealth Games under special Customs procedures.

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This page has been archived. This guidance only applied for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.



This page has been archived. This guidance only applied for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

For all commonwealth games family members entering the UK from countries outside the EU most goods and sports equipment for use at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games can be imported under the simplified Temporary Admission (TA) procedure specifically in place to cover Glasgow 2014.

Alternatively, if you are entering the UK from a country that issues ATA carnets, these goods can be temporarily imported for use at the Commonwealth Games using an ATA carnet. This can help to simplify customs clearance of goods in any countries visited en route to the UK if those countries also participate in the ATA carnet system.

Goods not intended to be re-exported and goods given away free of charge should not be entered for TA.

These simplified procedures are not available for the use of individuals or organisations that are not accredited commonwealth games family members.

The Commonwealth Family

The commonwealth games family includes Commonwealth Games Associations and any dependants to the games with a requirement to import and export goods for use at the games.

These dependants include:

  • Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)
  • Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs)
  • international federations (IFs)
  • media and broadcasters
  • games sponsors
  • games workforce

Commonwealth Games Associations

The Commonwealth Games Associations are the 71 recognised organisations responsible for preparing, selecting and sending a team of athletes and support staff to compete in each Commonwealth Games. Their members include:

  • athletes
  • presidents and secretaries general
  • chefs de mission
  • team officials (coaches, media, medical, administrative)
  • special guests
  • international federations

Temporary Admission

Temporary Admission (TA) is a Customs procedure that allows you to use goods in the UK temporarily if they are imported from countries outside the EU.

Under the TA procedure any Customs charges normally due on importation will not need to be paid provided that the goods are re-exported outside the EU after use. The maximum period of use is 24 months. There is no maximum value limit to goods brought into the UK for the Glasgow 2014 Games under TA.


ATA is a combination of French and English phrases Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission.

An ATA carnet:

  • is an international customs document issued by Chambers of Commerce or other national associations authorised by customs authorities in participating countries
  • enables goods to be taken temporarily into or out of the EU without having to complete the customs declarations and formalities normally required
  • is only valid in countries that have signed the relevant convention
  • is not required for goods being brought into the UK that have already been cleared into free circulation in another EU Member State
  • covers goods to be temporarily imported for use without payment of customs charges for up to one year
  • is not mandatory but where available, they simplify customs clearances in the dispatching and receiving countries
  • will not cover consumable goods or disposable items
  • replaces the normal customs documentation required at the time of importation and re-exportation

Re-exporting Goods

Goods not intended to be re-exported and goods given away free of charge should not be entered for TA.

Customs charges due on the goods must be paid if goods entered to TA are not re-exported.

For Commonwealth members, a formal Customs declaration or financial security will not normally be required for goods used but HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) reserves the right to require both if there is a doubt as to whether the imported goods will, in fact, be re-exported.

Further Help

You can read further information in the Customs & Freight Guide on the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games website.

HMRC has established a Commonwealth Games Helpline that deals with specific queries relating to the Commonwealth Games 2014. If you have any specific questions that have not been answered by this guidance please Telephone: 0300 200 3704 from the UK or +44151 268 0561 for overseas callers.

For general queries please consult the additional guidance on the HMRC website or through the HMRC Contact us page.

Published 27 August 2013