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Tax Facts – free resources for teachers and parents

Updated 10 July 2023

Tax Facts is HM Revenue and Customs’ free tax education programme for primary and secondary school students. It has resources to help children and young people learn about the UK tax system, from lesson plans to videos.

There’s even the option for a Tax Facts staff ambassador to come into school to support teachers with delivering a lesson.

The Tax Facts resources are also available in Welsh.

What resources can teachers and parents get?

There are 2 sets of resources for different age groups:

  • Junior Tax Facts – for children aged 8 to 13
  • Tax facts – for students aged 14 to 17

Each set of resources includes:

  • a lesson plan
  • classroom presentation
  • activity sheets
  • delivery guide

There is also a series of quick videos that deal with questions like ‘what is tax?’ and what it’s like to start work.

These are free to download in English and Welsh, and are linked to curriculum frameworks across the UK.

Junior Tax Facts – for children aged 8 to 13

These resources will help primary school pupils and younger secondary school students get to grips with the basics of tax. At the end of the lesson, they should understand:

  • why the government needs to collect money as ‘tax’
  • how taxes pay for things we all need and use
  • the work HMRC does and the role it plays

Tax Facts – for students aged 14 to 17

This set of resources will help young people learn about how the tax system works and the practical role it plays in their lives. At the end of the lesson, students should understand:

  • the UK tax system and the impact of not collecting tax
  • how tax is paid when they are in a job
  • the work HMRC does and the role it plays

This could be particularly useful for teachers of maths, business, and PSHE.

Get help delivering a lesson

An HMRC member of staff could come into school as a Tax Facts ambassador to lead a 45-minute lesson and give pupils the opportunity to ask any questions. A school visit can also support you to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks.

For more information about organising a school visit please email us.

Find out more

If you have any questions, the Tax Facts team is here to help. Please email