Research and analysis

Tax Credits: New guidance notes usability testing 2

Usability Testing customer requirements to support Tax Credits Renewals 2015.



Each year in June, millions of people in receipt of Tax Credits are asked by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to renew their claim by completing and posting a form, responding online or calling the helpline. HMRC provide guidance notes (as part of the renewals pack) to support this process.

This research study aimed to explore overall responses to the new (prototype) guidance with a range of Tax Credits customers – considering both the content of the guidance and the overall ‘look and feel’. Specifically, the research aimed to explore:

  • How far the Guidance Notes meet the needs of customers
  • How clear and easy they are to understand
  • How far customers use the Notes rather than writing to or telephoning HMRC
  • How effective they are at driving traffic to the website (for renewals)

Ipsos MORI conducted 20 depth interviews and one group discussion (with nine participants) in London between 29th January and 6th February 2015. The depth interviews explored the design and content of the Notes and the group discussion focused specifically on design. Participants were recruited to include a cross section of Tax Credits customers.