Research and analysis

Survey of examiners 2022

Findings from a survey of examiners as part of Ofqual's research into the quality of marking in academic exams.

Applies to England


Survey of examiners 2022


Each year, exam boards recruit panels of examiners to mark and moderate GCSE, AS or A level qualifications. In April and May 2022, Ofqual invited examiners of these general qualifications in England to complete a survey aimed at updating our knowledge of the professional background of examiners and their perceptions of the examining process.

The survey was designed by Ofqual and sent electronically by exam boards to all examiners who had been recruited to write, mark or moderate general qualifications in summer 2022. We received 14,962 valid survey responses, which accounts for around a quarter of the examiner workforce.

The main themes that emerged from the examiners’ responses were:

  1. Respondents’ levels of professional experience and perceptions of the examining process are generally in line with responses to the survey in 2018.

  2. The examiner workforce remains characterised by high levels of both teaching and examining experience, and respondents are generally keen to continue examining.

  3. Examiners expressed high levels of confidence going into the summer 2022 series, despite adaptations to many assessments and the fact many respondents had not examined for 2 years.

Many examiners also made positive comments about how much they enjoyed examining, valued the importance of their work and noticed the benefits it had upon their teaching.

Published 4 May 2023