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Standards and Testing Agency framework document

Document outlining the aims, roles and responsibilities of the Standard and Testing Agency (STA).

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Standards and Testing Agency framework document


Framework for the Standards and Testing Agency (STA), an executive agency of the Department for Education. The agency supports the Government’s aims of raising standards and narrowing attainment gaps between pupils from wealthier and poorer backgrounds. It also provides the robust and fair external assessment system through which pupil progress is measured and schools are held to account.

The STA has responsibility, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education, for development and delivery of statutory assessment and testing in England. This framework document sets out the arrangements for the governance, accountability, financing, staffing and operation of the STA.


  • aims and objectives
  • roles and responsibilities
  • governance
  • accountability to parliament
  • financial management and reporting
  • audit and assurance
  • staffing
  • shared services
Published 1 September 2011