Policy paper

Single-use plastics: Budget 2018 brief

Budget 2018 announced that the government will introduce a world-leading new tax on produced or imported plastic packaging. Subject to consultation, this will apply to all plastic packaging that doesn’t include at least 30% recycled content.


Single Use Plastics: Budget 2018


Alongside already planned reforms to the Packaging Producer Responsibility System, this will encourage businesses to ensure that far more packaging can be recycled and to use more recycled plastic in their packaging. The government will consult on both reforms shortly.

Future revenues from the packaging tax and Packaging Producer Responsibility reforms will enable investment to address single-use plastics, waste and litter.

This budget also announces £20 million to tackle plastics and boost recycling: £10 million more for plastics R&D and £10 million to pioneer innovative approaches to boosting recycling and reducing litter, such as smartbins Further details are given in this document.

Published 29 October 2018