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Schools financial health checks: supplier registration form

Form for suppliers to complete to be included in the schools financial health checks supplier directory.



To register as a supplier providing financial health checks to schools you will need to complete the supplier registration form.

Schools will contact you if they want to find out more about the services you offer.

Suppliers already listed in the directory should also use the form to let us know of any changes to their information.

Please note that:

  • the schools financial health checks supplier directory is not a complete list of organisations that provide financial support to schools
  • organisations listed in the supplier directory are not endorsed by the government, DfE or EFA
  • if a supplier is in financial difficulty, or is the subject of a financial investigation, the DfE reserves the right not to include them as a supplier
  • the estimated value of a single contract issued by any school, academy or MAT should not comprise a value in excess of the appropriate EU procurement threshold

You can also access more information, tools, training and guidance about schools financial health and efficiency.

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