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School Teachers' Review Body 21st report: 2012

Findings of the STRB's review of provisions for teachers' pay to raise the status of the profession and improving school teaching standards.


School Teachers' Review Body: 21st report - 2012

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The Secretary of State asked the STRB, in his remit letter of 21 February 2012, to review current provisions for teachers’ pay with a view to raising the status of the profession and contribute to improving the standard of teaching in schools.

In particular the Secretary of State asked the STRB to consider:

  • how to reduce the rigidity of the pay system so that it best supports the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers in all schools
  • how to strengthen the link between teachers’ pay and performance and whether there are any particular barriers to this within the current system
  • how to make teachers’ pay more market-facing, following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s letter to pay review bodies of 7 December 2011

This report is in response to that remit. It provides a strong case for reform, to free up the current system of teachers’ pay to support greater school autonomy.

Published 5 December 2012
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