SCE videos

Videos by Service Children's Education on bereavement, deployment, on the move, challenging behaviour and safeguarding children.



The following videos are available:-

  • anti-bullying: working together around the world
  • childhood bereavement in within the service community
  • deployment: coming home
  • deployment: building resilience with children and young people
  • service children on the move 1: introduction
  • service children on the move 2: mitigating effect
  • service children on the move 3: service families on the move
  • managing challenging behaviour 1: understanding behaviour using the multi-element model
  • managing challenging behaviour 2: behaviour and exclusions
  • managing challenging behaviour 3: restrictive physical interaction (RPI)
  • managing challenging behaviour 4: risk
  • managing challenging behaviour 5: Connor’s story
  • safeguarding children: the Common Assessment Framework
  • rest and recuperation
Published 18 September 2014