Corporate report

Review of the Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Associations 2019

Ministry of Defence has conducted a review of the thirteen Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Associations (RFCAs) and their joint committee, the Council of RFCAs (CRFCA).



Founded in 1908, the RFCAs are unclassified arms-length bodies, each with a scheme of association, and regulated through Defence Council regulations as provided for in the Reserve Forces Act 1996 (RFA96). Additionally, CRFCA has been constituted by the RFCAs as a joint committee, to provide a central coordination and a focus to enable the Associations to fulfil the requirements of their customers within resources. MOD has completed a tailored review of the RFCAs, in line with the latest Cabinet Office guidance on public bodies.

The review found that the RFCAs’ work in engaging with the nation, particularly across their regional network, is of great value to defence. The review has identified opportunities to modernise and put the RFCAs on a more sustainable footing to maximise their potential through improved efficiency and effectiveness, addressing extant legal and financial issues.

The change programme proposed by the review will enable defence to assure of regularity and propriety, and consequently be able to protect and potentially grow the RFCAs’ role in supporting our Reserves and Cadets across the country.

Published 24 March 2020