Research and analysis

Review of best practice in parental engagement

A review of studies of interventions that support and improve parental engagement in the education of children aged 5 to 19 years old.



Parental engagement has a large and positive effect on children’s learning. It is therefore a priority to identify interventions that are effective in supporting parental involvement, particularly those parents who are either not significantly involved in their children’s education, or who are not involved at all.

The aim of the review is to highlight findings and conclusions from the evidence reviewed and to identify important themes and messages for practitioners and school leaders.

It is confined to studies of interventions looking to support and improve parental engagement in their children’s education and which offer evidence on educational outcomes. Priority is given to studies undertaken in the period 2000 to 2010, although earlier, frequently cited studies are also included.

A broad interpretation of ‘parental engagement’ is adopted, which includes learning at home, school-home and home-school communication, in-school activities, decision-making (e.g. being a parent governor) and collaborating with the community.

Published 29 September 2011