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Retained EU law dashboard

This dashboard shows a list of retained EU laws (REUL). These are laws that the UK saved to ensure legislative continuity immediately after Brexit.


Brexit Opportunities catalogue of retained EU law and interactive dashboard


In September 2021, Lord Frost announced the review into the substance of retained EU law (REUL) to determine which departments, policy areas and sectors of the economy contain the most REUL.

The Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency, has published the outcome of this review, which is an authoritative catalogue of REUL. The Minister invites the public to view this catalogue so that the public is aware of where EU-derived legislation sits on the statute book and is able to scrutinise it.

Now that we have taken back control of our statute book, we will work to update it by amending, repealing or replacing REUL that is no longer fit for the UK. This will allow us to create a new pro-growth, high standards regulatory framework that gives businesses the confidence to innovate, invest and create jobs, transforming the UK into the best regulated economy in the world.

In terms of next steps, we will bring forward the Brexit Freedoms Bill, as announced in the Queen’s Speech, to make it easier to amend, repeal or replace REUL to deliver the UK’s regulatory, economic and environmental priorities.

Alongside the Bill, government will continue to engage with stakeholders to identify where we can maximise the benefits of Brexit and test opportunities for reform, from artificial intelligence and data protection, to the future of transport and health and safety. Any future reforms will prioritise making a tangible difference to improving people’s lives in the UK.


REUL is a category of domestic law created at the end of the transition period. It is made up of certain pieces of EU legislation that were ‘cut and pasted’ onto the UK statute book. REUL is also made up of certain domestic laws that implemented EU law and were preserved as REUL on the UK statute book.

The catalogue of REUL can be accessed through an interactive dashboard. There are multiple options to explore and filter over 2,400 pieces of legislation which have been collected as part of this cross-government collaborative exercise. This exercise has also uncovered where retained EU law is concentrated in over 300 policy areas across 21 sectors of the UK economy. This catalogue is not intended to provide a comprehensive account of REUL that sits with the competence of the devolved administrations, but may contain individual pieces of REUL which do sit in devolved areas.

Creating this catalogue of REUL is the first step in accelerating regulatory reform and reclaiming the UK statute book. The government will continue developing this comprehensive record of where EU-derived legislation remains and will work to identify more legislation which can be amended, repealed or replaced. This dashboard will document the government’s progress against that aim. As such this is the first iteration of Cabinet Office’s interactive REUL dashboard. Going forward the dashboard will be updated on a quarterly basis, as REUL is repealed and replaced, or more REUL is identified.

For further instructions on using the dashboard please visit the Retained EU Law Dashboard.

Published 22 June 2022