Policy paper

Renewable Heat Incentive: amendments to scheme eligibility

This paper provides a summary of the amendments being made to the Domestic RHI scheme, these are minor amendments to continue the smooth running of the scheme.



This paper provides more detail on the policy announcements made in the Government consultation – The Renewable Heat Incentive: A reformed and refocused scheme. It provides an explanation of changes to eligibility and a number of minor administrative amendments that are being introduced through a regulatory amendment being laid in Parliament on 3rd March 2016, due to come into force on 24th March 2016. The key changes include: the removal of the need for a Green Deal Assessment, removal of the need for eligible new-build properties to have been occupied for a minimum of 183 days prior to first application date to receive deemed RHI payments. It also explains the alignment of RHI sustainability requirements with that of the Renewable

Published 3 March 2016