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Removals and returns of non-Kurdish failed asylum applicants

FOI 5156 We have received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following: How many returns of non-Kurdish…


FOI 5156

We have received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following:

  1. How many returns of non-Kurdish failed asylum applicants originating from what was the Government Controlled Area of Iraq have there been?

  2. What is the route used for such returns? Which airport are people from non-KAA Iraq being returned to and what flights?

  3. What are the procedures in place in relation to these returns?

  4. What assistance is available in Iraq for returnees on arrival? Who are they handed over to and what are they expected to do on arrival?

  5. What measures are taken for people who have no house or connections in Iraq? What is the Secretary of State expecting them to do on arrival?

  6. What provisions are there in place for people who cannot relocate to their own area outside of Baghdad? Again, what is expected of them to do in such circumstances?

  7. What advice is given to such returnees in relation to: indiscriminate violence or threats, new risks since they left Iraq, housing for those with no accommodation, food and drink for those with nowhere to go and no money or assistance, work ,any curfews in place, any registration procedure with the authorities and documents needed to do so?

  8. What advice in particular is given in relation to safety of those with no accommodation to go to in relation to any other curfews that there may be in place?

  9. If an applicant is refused on internal relocation grounds, what advice is given to them in relation to safe areas to go to, shelter and food and drink and work there as well as safest routes to reach such an area?

  10. Are there any provisions in place for the provision of safe travel of returnees to their own areas or safe areas where they are expected to relocate to?

  11. What is expected of former Ba’ath party members or people with former links to the previous regime when they relocate or go back to the same area where they previously lived? Are they advised to lie about their past or hide their true identity?

  12. Are there any supplies of food, water, clothes and local currency provided to those who are expected to travel to their own area or relocate to a different area in Iraq?

Published 15 December 2006