Regulatory Reform Order (2008) No. 2840: letter to local councils

Letter telling local councils about the Regulatory Reform Order (2008) No. 2840 coming into force.



This letter is to inform all local authorities chief executives and other council staff with legal responsibility for legislation that the Regulatory Reform Order Reform Order (28 No. 2840) (PDF 57KB) came into force on 30 October 2008.

It removed the following requirements for government consent:

  • before instituting prosecutions for publishing advertisements on cancer treatment under the Cancer Act 1939 (article 2)
  • to enable amalgamation of taxi licensing zones under the Local Government Act 1972 (article 3)
  • to provide advice/ assistance to bodies overseas under the Local Government (Overseas Assistance) Act 1993 (article 4)
  • for dealing with complaints in relation to Pupil Referral Units under the Education Act 1996 (article 5)