Public Health England’s data collection: McNeil review, and implementation plan

Professor Keith McNeil's review of Public Health England’s data collection and data management, and implementation plan in response to report recommendations.



The review of Public Health England’s (PHE) data collection and data management functions was independently conducted by Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, and Chair of the National Information Board.

The Department of Health carried out a tailored review of PHE in late 2016, which considered PHE’s data management activities, among other functions. The review recommended that “health data should be collected, stored and managed to minimise costs, ensure data security and maximise benefits to patients and the public”.

PHE and NHS Digital asked Professor Keith McNeil to carry out an independent review of the data PHE holds and make recommendations on whether any of these data sets in full or in part might be better managed by NHS Digital.

Alongside the review is a high-level implementation plan, which sets out how the recommendations will be jointly implemented by the Department of Health, PHE and NHS Digital.

Published 17 November 2017