Policy paper

Progress towards a sustainable future for livestock farming

This publication was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

This report concentrates largely on activities for sustainability in England.



In responding to concerns expressed by Friends of the Earth about the sustainability of UK livestock production and consumption, Jim Paice MP, Minister for Agriculture and Food, encouraged them to convene a stakeholder conference of interested parties in early 2011 to take stock of and discuss progress. 

Addressing that conference, the Minister welcomed Friends of the Earth’s initiative, encouraged attendees to search for consensus on the challenges facing the industry, and reiterated an earlier offer to produce a one-year-on report on the role of all parties with an interest in the issues raised. 

This document is that report, and draws on the contributions of many different stakeholders.  In producing the report, Defra has encouraged different contributors to share their thoughts on present and future responses to the challenges facing the industry.  No attempt has been made by Defra to edit the content of these contributions.

As a collection of viewpoints, this report concentrates largely on activities for sustainability in England.  Responsibilities for food and farming policies are, in large measure, shared with the devolved administrations, and further information on their activities can be found at the website addresses provided below.