Proceeds of Crime Act code of practice

Codes of practice for law enforcement officers on powers to investigate, search for criminal cash and search and seize a property.

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These codes of practice have been superseded. Updated codes of practice are available.



These codes provide guidance for the appropriate and proportionate use of Proceeds of Crime Act powers. The codes attached above represent:

  • a code providing guidance on exercising new powers to search and seize and detain property. This is in anticipation of the property being sold to meet the value of a confiscation order. This will minimise the ability of defendants to dissipate assets when confiscation orders are being enforced.
  • a code providing guidance on the operation of the investigation powers. This code has been updated to include powers relating to civil recovery investigations and the transfer of jurisdiction from the High Court to the Crown Court in detained cash investigations. The amendments to the detained cash investigation powers will make it easier to obtain investigation orders to obtain evidence to support an application to forfeit criminal cash.
  • a code providing guidance on the operation of the powers to search for criminal cash. This code has been updated to include the new power to search vehicles.
Published 21 April 2015