Research and analysis

Prior qualifications of learners on train to gain provision at level 2 and level 3 in 2010 to 2011

BIS research paper number 84. Explores how far investing in Train to Gain has been directed towards training people with lower skill levels.



This report presents the findings of research into the highest prior qualifications levels of adult learners (aged 19 and over) who undertook full level 2 or full level 3 Train to Gain learning in November 2010. It covers some of the last groups of learners to be funded under Train to Gain. It aims to better understand the extent to which investment in Train to Gain has been directed towards training individuals with lower skill levels. The report also explores the profile of learners undertaking learning under Train to Gain and those undertaking their first Level 2 learning, in demographics, employment status and income, and investigates why they take up Train to Gain learning. See also the reports on prior qualifications of adults in classroom based learning and adults in apprenticeships.