Policy paper

Plasterboard sustainability action plan: October 2010

This publication was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Action plan to further improve the social and environmental impacts of plasterboard.



This Plasterboard Sustainability Action Plan is one of a number of key initiatives developed by the Plasterboard Sustainability Partnership (PSP). The PSP is a body made up of industry stakeholders and Government. It has developed into a body for dialogue on plasterboard issues, as it was recognised that industry or Government alone cannot solve the key environmental imperatives. It forms a contribution to delivering the targets identified in the joint Government and industry Strategy for Sustainable Construction, launched in July 2008.

Product Roadmaps were also identified as an action within the Waste Strategy for England 2007.

Plasterboard was chosen for a Roadmap because it is a widely used construction product that has environmental impacts, but with a positive contribution to the built environment and the build process. The plasterboard industry has also shown a willingness to engage fully in the Roadmap process. The industry has a record of sustainability improvement, and is keen to embed further improvement within the context of an agreed Action Plan, across the plasterboard supply chain.