Placement technical guidance for independent specialist providers 2012/13

This guidance sets out the procedures and criteria for the agreement to, and placement of, students at independent specialist providers.

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This information relates to 2012 to 2013.



This guidance forms part of the Education and Funding Agency (EFA) condition of funding, including contractual obligations and the use of the contact-hours approach. Independent specialist providers are required to follow the methodologies contained within this document. In addition, independent specialist providers are required to ensure that, whatever approach they choose to adopt, the definition and evidence of hours of support delivered to students are robust, appropriately evidenced, effectively monitored and available to the EFA.


  • contractual requirements
  • completion of annex 6: confirmation of agreed provision 2012/13
  • record-keeping and audit trail
  • profiles
  • clarification of specific issues and variations in practice
Published 1 September 2012