Research and analysis

Philanthropic and Religious Schools Rigorous in Developing Countries

Can philanthropic and religious schools improve education for children in developing countries? A rigorous review of the evidence.



This report summarises the findings of a rigorous review on the role and impact of philanthropic and religious schools in developing countries. A prior review initially sought to cover all types of non-state schools, but was subsequently separated into two parts. The first reviewed the role and impact of private schools in developing countries (Day Ashley et al., 2014). The second part - this report - (Wales et al., 2015) covered other forms of non-state provision. The categorisation of these providers has been driven by the coverage of the literature with a focus on those education providers whose foundational ideology is religious (religious schools) and those founded as philanthropic organisations, such as NGOs, CSOs, etc., (philanthropic schools).

Published 7 December 2015