Outcomes Frameworks: a guide for providers and commissioners of youth services

This guide gives an overview of the most widely applicable outcomes frameworks for providers and commissioners of services for young people.



As part of its responsibility for youth policy, Cabinet Office is working to support the youth sector to measure and increase the impact of its services for young people.

This guide will help providers and commissioners who are considering how to improve the outcomes for young people as a result of their work, and aims to:

  • simplify the landscape of available outcomes frameworks
  • provide information on what a variety of frameworks look like when applied ‘on the ground’
  • suggest where to go for further information and support
  • begin to demonstrate how measuring impact can help those working with young people to learn from and improve the programmes they run.

As part of its wider work with the youth sector, Cabinet Office is supporting the Centre for Youth Impact.

Find out more about Cabinet Office’s support for the Centre for Youth Impact.

We planned and drafted this guide before the Centre for Youth Impact was launched, to provide a clear overview of the most applicable outcomes frameworks. This guide will be included on the Centre for Youth Impact’s online resource portal.

Published 29 December 2014