Young people: assessment using 'Onset'

Forms for the assessment of young people to stop first-time offending, with guidance for youth offending teams.



The assessment process contained in these documents has been approved by the YJB, and is known as Onset. Onset helps to identify the risk and protective factors that affect a young person’s chances of entering the youth justice system. It also provides information which might be helpful in selecting appropriate interventions for those identified as needing this early on.

You can download a complete set of them in ZIP format at the link above. The documents are:

  • Assessment guidance
  • History of offending/anti-social behaviour
  • Assessment
  • Assessment review guidance
  • Assessment Review
  • Assessment review number
  • Final review
  • Intervention plan guidance
  • Intervention plan review guidance
  • Intervention plan review
  • Intervention plan copy to be given to young person
  • InterVvention plan final review guidance
  • Intervention plan final review
  • Over to you guidance
  • Over to you - parents/carers
  • Over to you - children and young people
  • Referral and screening guidance
  • Referral and screening
  • Referral and screening - parents/carers and others
  • Referral information from CAF
  • Risk of serious harm to others guidance
  • Risk of serious harm to others
  • Verification guidance
  • Closure summary guidance
  • Closure summary

The documents are also available via youth offending team case management software.