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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: roles and salary ranges

Salary ranges for employees at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.



Each role in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has a number of levels to enable progression for individuals in role.

Roles are organised into one of 3 job families that reflect the NDA’s core capabilities:

  1. Programme – roles in this job family reflect the core interfacing and assurance activity with the Parent Body Organisations and Site Licence Companies
  2. Strategy and Technology – roles in this job family cover the core technical competence of the NDA, chiefly in the Strategy and Technology directorate
  3. Business Enabler – roles in this job family cover a wide range of other roles supporting the business and in the case of some level 5 roles provide an entry point for development and progression into the other two job families

Our reward principle is to pay within the range of 80 to 120% of median market levels – this is driven by need, requirements and affordability. As an organisation we are very competitive against the market and our ranges give us flexibility to pay against various factors.