Non-technical summaries granted during 2013: volume 25

Volume 25 of the non-technical summaries granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2013.



The following projects are listed in volume 25 of 2013:

  • the neural basis of reinforcement learning (covering sensory processing, reward, sensitisation, basal ganglia)
  • catheter-based therapies for pulmonary hypertension utilising porcine models (covering pig, sympathectomy)
  • regulation of inflammation during infectious diseases (covering pneumonia, bacteria, inflammation, macrophages, mice)
  • function of the mammalian auditory system (covering hearing, deafness, sensory system, development)
  • targeting heat shock protein 27 in colorectal cancer (covering prognosis)
  • generating and maintaining zebrafish mutants (covering phenotyping, mutagenesis)
  • diagnostic materials for use in biological research (covering polyclonal antibodies, plant development, agriculture, cell biology)
  • characterization of epithelial cell hierarchies (covering stem cells, xenotransplantation, renal grafting, mammary fat pad, cancer)
  • clonogenicity in normal and neoplastic intestine (covering stem cells, cancer, epithelial biology)
  • the biology of normal and malignant haematopoietic cells (covering leukaemia, stem cells, haematopoiesis)
  • studies of experimental small ruminant TSE (covering sheep, cows, pigs)
Published 13 August 2014