Noise Amelioration Scheme (Military): RAF Marham

A NAS(M) assessment at RAF Marham as part of the MOD’s noise mitigation measures programme to reduce the effect of noise disturbance from military activities.


RAF Marham survey report


The survey details the results of a environmental noise survey conducted under the Noise Amelioration Scheme (Military) (NAS(M)) criteria of aircraft activity at RAF Marham was completed by the RAF Noise and Vibration Division (NVD) between 1 April 2011 to 1 March 2012. It details the environmental noise contours for the current activity at RAF Marham.

About RAF Marham

Part of the site now occupied by RAF Marham had originally been RNAS station Narborough during the World War 1. Developed during the 1930s, Marham had been used as a heavy bomber and fighter station before becoming the RAF’s major reconnaissance base in 1993. Currently operating from Marham are Tornado GR4s performing attack and reconnaissance roles. The station is home to 3 Tornado GR4 frontline squadrons as well as the Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing, the Tornado GR Force HQ, No.3 (RAF) Force Protection Wing HQ, No.93 Expeditionary Armament Squadron and No.2620 Sqn RAuxAF Regiment. RAF Marham is situated at Upper Marham in the English county of Norfolk.

For information on the previous scheme visit: Noise Insulation Grant Scheme (NIGS) on the UK Government Web Archive.

Published 22 October 2014