news@dvla: issue 5

This publication was withdrawn on 31 July 2014

The news@dvla quarterly newsletter for stakeholders, commercial customers and suppliers has now been replaced by our Inside DVLA blog.

A quarterly e-newsletter for DVLA external stakeholders, commercial customers and suppliers.



Keep up-to-date with the work of DVLA and read the next edition of news@dvla which:

  • tells you how DVLA is working to deliver millions of digital requests for data from individuals, the public sector and outside organisations
  • gives you an insight into the work of the Insurance Industry Access to Driver Data project – our first digital exemplar service
  • includes an interview with Ashton West, Chief Executive of the Motor Insurance Bureau
  • tells drivers what to do if they have diabetes
  • reminds you about the local office closures
  • lets you know about our September auction of personalised registrations
  • asks you to complete a short survey about this newsletter