Corporate report

NDA Programmes and Major Projects Report: Sellafield, March 2015

An overview of priority programmes at Sellafield, including summary schedules for some of the major projects contained within programmes.



The summaries include the following information:

  • outline description of each major project
  • a high level representation of the specific projects, schedule and cost forecasts at key reference points (dates) through the project lifecycle and shows how these have changed through time
  • graph outlining any schedule and cost movements through time, with the specific source information provided for reference on the separate table. Note: The “dotted line” elements within the graphs indicate ranges for both schedule and cost at each key reference point.
  • further narrative/commentary is included to explain the basis for any movements between the key reference points and note the key drivers behind these
  • additional information detailing “Spend to Date” is provided to indicate how much of the total project budget had been expended

Livelink ref: 23015949